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Independent Reviews

Our reviews are based exclusively on the personal opinion of our lighting experts.  They are drawn from over 100 years of combined industry experience.  They are based on our opinion only, and our goal is to be as honest and fair as possible. 

Some might say our reviews are all positive. Here is why you might think that. If a store is so bad that we “can’t say anything nice” then we probably won’t “say anything at all” (just like Mom taught you!). So we really don’t review bad stores in the first place.   If a brand has been reviewed by us, then it likely has met our minimum standards of performance and style, so it will likely receive higher marks. (But beware evil-doers! If a store is ripping people off, we won’t hesitate to warn our readers.)

If you are a lighting retailer and would like us to review your store, please send us your request inside of a briefcase full of cash. (jk!)  Our reviews cannot be influenced by money, but say if we were to get busy with a staff member at the company in question, hey, it couldn’t hurt.  In all seriousness, we will do our best to maintain independent evaluations.  If you disagree with any of our review, or feel any user reviews unfairly portray your products, feel free to Contact us.


One Response to “Independent Reviews”

  1. T. Alexev says:
    December 8th, 2011 at 4:25 am

    I purchased a Sonneman Libra halogen lamp from last November (2010). After numerous emails and expensive phone calls, I never did receive my refund for this lamp or a replacement. I would like to warn buyers of the lack of accountability of this company, and to reconsider when making any purchases.

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